30/07/2020 - Beam me around, Scotty

Space Cadet patch notes - July 30, 2020


  • Tractor beam area is now a surrounding circle instead of a cone.
  • Changed the number of gems required to reach threat levels.
  • Changed the frequency of enemies spawned in each threat level.
  • Shield now activates for 3 seconds, and 2 has hit points.
  • Asteroids now have more hit points and drop more gems.
  • Enemies now drop gems when destroyed.
  • Increased player ship bullets size.
  • Player ship now bounces upon impact.

General Updates

  • Final score now appears at the end of the level.
  • There is now a slight delay after losing so that players don't accidentally skip their final score.
  • A message now appears whenever a new threat level is reached.
  • Updated gem animations.
  • Updated enemy fighter art.
  • New and updated sound effects to most game interactions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where enemies and asteroids would spawn in illegal places.
  • Fixed a bug where you could endlessly roam outside of the level bounds by spamming fix. The player ship will now explode when reaching a certain distance from the sector.
  • Fixed a bug where the shield would not disabled if active while being hit.
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy Kamikaze wouldn't avoid obstacles.

Known Bugs

  • Slight inconsistency with slow-motion behavior.


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Jul 29, 2020

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