06/09/2020 - BANG!

Space Cadet patch notes - September 6, 2020


  • Enemies
    • Bomber Enemies will now start spawning after reaching 100 gems.
      • Bombers release a bomb every 3 seconds.
      • Bombs explode after 3 seconds, when being shot, once being touched by the player ship or its shield or when entering a black hole.
      • Explosions damage the player ship, as well as enemy ships and asteroids.
    • Altered threat level spawn rates.
    • Increased enemies bounciness.
    • Gem counts released by enemies are now fixed:
      • Kamikaze: 1 gem
      • Fighter: 2 gems
      • Bomber: 3 gems
    • Altered threat
  • Player Ship
    • Set C as an alternate action button for non-English keyboards.
    • Increased tractor beam enemy pull force.
    • Shield now protects from damaged caused by bombs, being outside the sector, or entering black holes.
  • Power-Ups
    • The Intangibility power-up allows the player ship to avoid touching the bombs, but their explosion will still deal damage.
    • The Energy Shield power-up now deals 2 damage to enemies instead of destroying them.
  • Environment
    • Reduced the damage interval outside the sector bounds from 1.25 second to 1 second.
    • Altered the hp levels and gem counts released by asteroids to match their perceived value.
    • Black Holes now spawn further away from the sector boundaries.
    • Changed some physical properties of black holes.

General Updates

  • Improved performance.
  • Increased player bullet trail width to match bullet size.

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes when fixing a station it's visual fix link won't be removed.


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