A downloadable Early Prototype for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a super early version of the game. Feel free to share your experience and ideas, we appreciate any feedback!

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Ride a raft, fish, and swat mosquitoes in a chill, atmospheric experience.

There are three possible win conditions:

  • Explore: Reach three landmarks
  • Exploit: Catch every one of the 9 fish types in the respective fishing areas
  • Exterminate: Swat 36 mosquitoes

But there are also three lose conditions - Don't get hungry, don't get overwhelmed by mosquitoes and don't get caught by the shark!

Length: 15-30 minutes.


[1] - Fish
[2] - Row
[3] - Swat

[R] - Restart

The Team

Asaf Arad, Dori Rosenberg, Lior Beilinson, Idan Rooze

Music by Harrison

Made as part of a game jam course in Bezalel Academy of Art and design.


Thraft - windows.zip 32 MB
Thraft - linux.zip 36 MB
Thraft - mac.zip 32 MB

Development log


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I did a review of this game for my weekly series Feedback Friday! Hope you like it and find the feedback helpful! :D
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You schooled us on the communication part! Very well thought review.

Also, you fish inside the grass-type areas, and like in real life, some patience is required. ๐Ÿ™‚ I updated the description to make it clearer.


Thanks! Honestly I don't really fish in real life. So I got confused on that part. I do go rafting so I understood that.


very fun and chill game 


Looks great! Love the art style and the "challenge your brain" concept. I did not understood how to "reach a lighthouse" tho'. I've been trying to sail by it or crash into it but nothing happens (?)


Thanks for the reply, Dekajoo!!! We're still a BIT blurry on the exploration victory condition, but I totally agree that communicating that you actually reached the lighthouse would help.


Hey 2nd try with the new update now.
I love the fishing mecanic! the bushes and indicator gives a "catch 'em all" vibe that is nice.
The shark is managable but still a threat so that's well done too.
I was expecting to see an indicator when reaching a lighthouse but nothing changed, even tho' I crashed into it (maybe I missed something ?)
One thing that is frustrating when playing a long game (after finally managing to fish stuff an avoid the shark ๐Ÿ˜…) is that the mosquito indicator can only go up. This act as a "max time" depending on your skill to kill them quickly. Maybe you could make it so killing a mosquito reduce the indicator or eating fish ?

Anyway very cool update ๐Ÿ‘Œ


Hi again, Dekajoo! Great feedback. We do plan to have a base regeneration to the mosquito indicator. As for the landmarks, we still haven't added an indication, but this is very high on our priority list. We wanted to first make sure the other mechanics work in order to test and balance them against each other. Thanks for the thorough feedback, once again!

It looks great, but I have Linux...


Linux version coming soon!