Security First

You are God's most trusted bouncer, and he's throwing a party in heaven. Only allow saints into the party, and kick sinners straight to hell. God's law keeps changing, so pay attention!


[Space] - Kick a soul to hell when it reaches near you


Alon Sharabi: Art
Benny Gafanovich: Programming
Dana Brenner: Iconography
Idan Rooze: Tech Art
Shay Zegraba: Music & SFX

Special thanks to Yehuda Israeli

Created during Global Game Jam 2022

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorsIdan Rooze, Funkyspot, bg1987
GenreEducational, Action
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Dark, Hand-drawn, Life Simulation, Music, Short, Singleplayer


Windows Executable 62 MB


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For some reason when I started playing I was under the impression it was a memory game and that rules were additive rather than constantly changing. Once it clicked I really liked it! It even functions as a bit as a rhythm game, too.

I agree with Ori that the rule algorithm should have been more closely attached to the people generation algorithm for better flow. Either way, it’s a charming casual game that’s simple to learn, hard to master, and a nice way to spend a few minutes. Newgrounds would probably love it too if you’ve yet to upload it there.


Great game with a lot of humor! Simple but engaging, exactly what I would expect from a Jam game. The art and music are absolutely fabulous!

I with there was a better random-generation of attendees. In early stages it's very common that a rule changes without any active rejects/accepts, which can make the game a tiny bit boring at times.




it doesnt full screen right (im on a mac)


ok i pull up


hop out at the after party


you and all ur friends ye they love to get naughty


I pull up


This is a really fun concept! The art is gorgeous and I thought the visual effects were also very slick. Kept playing just so I could stare at this pretty game longer. 

The icons had a ton of character. The shifting ruleset kept the game pretty engaging. The music was on point and I thought the sound effects were funny. 

You all killed it


Cute and chill game. Great if you enjoy sending communists to hell