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All Aboard!

Keep the roller coaster alive by giving your Aztec community a nice thrill, but be careful not to lose them! If you run low on fuel, just toss some passengers and catch them on their way back. Hail Quetzalcoatl!


[←][→] - accelerate/decelerate.
[R] - restart level.
You lose when you run out of fuel (on the left).
Get more fuel by catching flying passengers.

The Team

Omer Zadok: Programming
Idan Rooze: Art
Chase Bethea: Music and SFX
Ori Brusilovsky: Additional programming


In the Media


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Updated 13 hours ago
Published 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
AuthorsIdan Rooze, Ori Brusilovsky, Omer Zadok, gamercomposer
Made withUnity
Tags1-bit, 2D, aztec, Game Jam, Ludum Dare 47, Pixel Art, roller-coaster
LinksLudum Dare


The Aztec Ride - 31 MB
The Aztec Ride - 32 MB
The Aztec Ride - 37 MB

Development log


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This is fun (even if I am very bad at it), the idea is cool and the art style charming. Thanks for making and sharing!


why did you not call this Quetzelcoaster?


I really liked this game! The people flying off were hilarious and it's difficult to catch them adding intrigue to the gameplay. The graphics were also really cute and I liked the art. Great job :)

Thank you for the lovely comment!


delicious game! cheers!



this resurrected my childhood and i thank you and the people who worked on this greatly

Awww that's nice of you to say. Hugs from the team. ♥


Praise the sun god           \O/ 
                                                     / \ 

(1 edit)






Made me a bit motion sick, but i'm kinda sensitive 

Thanks for the feedback, LethalBacon! Camera rotation can be disabled via the main menu.


AWESOME! I should have looked first!

(1 edit) (+1)

Simple, responsive and very intuitive gameplay! Congratulations, it was great, I loved the soundtrack and the graphics!

We appreciate it :)


Muy buen juego, tiene una mecánica divertida y simple. Excelente para jugarlo en una tarde.

¡Muchas gracias!


I hope you realize this is a great little game worth releasing on mobile. Im a pixel artist with ~50k subscribers on youtube. Id like to do the art and help you release this game on mobile / pc. Im also a Unity developer! 


This looks amazing! Adding to my queue :)

Thank you! ♥