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Keep the roller coaster alive by giving your Aztec community a nice thrill, but be careful not to lose them! If you run low on fuel, just toss some passengers and catch them on their way back. Hail Quetzalcoatl!


[←][→] - accelerate/decelerate.
[R] - restart level.
You lose when you run out of fuel (on the left).
Get more fuel by catching flying passengers.

The Team

Omer Zadok: Programming
Idan Rooze: Art
Chase Bethea: Music and SFX
Ori Brusilovsky: Additional programming for Ludum Dare version


In the Media


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Aztec Ride - android
Aztec Ride - 31 MB
Aztec Ride - 37 MB
Aztec Ride - 33 MB
Ludum Dare Version - 31 MB
Ludum Dare Version - 37 MB
Ludum Dare Version - 32 MB

Development log


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I'm not sure how this game is meant to be played, but there seems to be no punishment for tip-toeing through each level to never launch passengers and get a max score. It's a very optimal strategy, which is a shame because it's not a very fun strategy. I don't know how I feel about fun equating to high risk, low reward, meanwhile safety and assured victory is low risk, high reward. That seems backwards.

I can't download it. It says that the app is made for a older version of Android.

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Here's the real challenge: try to finish every coaster with 0 passengers

Also, Amazing game! great work
loved the artstyle, music, and just the game in general

Great job on all the levels

I just wanted to share some ideas:
- you could add an upgrade system (ie. acceleration, brake speed, amount of passengers, cart length, etc)
- you could add different worlds, because you already have a lot of levels (I'm beat level 50 and it's still going, so who knows, maybe there are)
- you could add a story being told in the background or something, I already loved the dynamic background, but I think that really lends itself for something like that.
- you could add some mechanics to spice things up (ie. boosted tracks, slowed tracks, enemies, things to avoid, etc)

just some ideas the game is great as it is already and I've really enjoyed myself so far :D
(so thank you for the enjoyable break in between studying! :))

I think this still has some more potential in it. Funny game!

I fought it has music from alan aztec btw go to the yt chanet alan aztec


love it


exept for level 15

Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically buy games from to avoid that.

Sure, it is the first available download in this page!


There must be a misunderstanding. The first download is just a link to Google Play.

I would also like to download the APK from somewhere other than Google Play.


love the music and sfx


enjoyed a lot.


loved juggling human bodies with no concern for their well being 10/1


Love it and the style. The people are so cute and I feel real guilty when I even lose 1.


After I lost the first ten people, I understood the assignment. Very good time killer. Great job man.


A lot better than I expected


Thanks, TiagoG!


this game is unique and addictive and I love it

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Pretty fun game, I love the core idea but I think it needs either more content or fewer levels.

Most levels can be completed without losing any passengers just by going slowly and coasting to conserve fuel, which is kind of boring.

Is there actually an ending or are the levels procedurally generated forever?  I got bored and quit after level 30.

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I really like the art style and overall idea, i wish it had a few more mechanics and more variations in the map, at the moment it gets very repetitive as you see all there is to see a few levels in.

Its a really fun little game that just desperately needs a little more content 


I found the perfect game because every level ends with "good job", hahaha

great game, love the art design

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there should be some control to force eject the passengers. It's so hard to control when the passengers are launched and how fast they fly. If I move too fast they fly to space. If I move slow a little tiny bit they don't fly


So beautiful and joyful :)


cool game


Nice physics. Good job:)


Hey, me and my son had a lot of fun by playing the game. 

Also, I find the graphics very cool. 

So, thanks for the great time !

So glad to hear you enjoyed it, benov! Take care.

Mac version does not work :), can you fix it.

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I'm sorry to hear that you're having a problem. I would suggest downloading the official itch app and launching the game from there.


Such amazing game with all aspects. Cheers!!


my best is 3338, what's yours


This game is really pretty and cool, I appreciate the fact that you can change the camera mode so it doesn't trigger any motion sickness.


gr8 game




Great game! It is in my Top 5 for this Week!

Check my video.


I liked this game a lot. It was pretty fun. Great job 👏 

Thanks for sharing! Make sure you check out our new Android version as well, it features procedurally generated levels.


You’re  welcome. I’ll make sure to check that out.


This is fun (even if I am very bad at it), the idea is cool and the art style charming. Thanks for making and sharing!

Thank you bee123!


why did you not call this Quetzelcoaster?


This, my friend, is a great question.


I really liked this game! The people flying off were hilarious and it's difficult to catch them adding intrigue to the gameplay. The graphics were also really cute and I liked the art. Great job :)

Thank you for the lovely comment!


delicious game! cheers!



this resurrected my childhood and i thank you and the people who worked on this greatly

Awww that's nice of you to say. Hugs from the team. ♥


Praise the sun god           \O/ 
                                                     / \ 

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Made me a bit motion sick, but i'm kinda sensitive 

Thanks for the feedback, LethalBacon! Camera rotation can be disabled via the main menu.


AWESOME! I should have looked first!

(1 edit) (+1)

Simple, responsive and very intuitive gameplay! Congratulations, it was great, I loved the soundtrack and the graphics!

We appreciate it :)

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